Zynga Acquires MyMiniLife, Looks To Expand Virtual World Portfolio (Updated)

Zynga announced today the acquisition of MyMiniLife, a virtual world which enables users to create their own spaces and homes “through stylized economic activity involving the building of properties and neighborhoods, uploading and selling of useful and fun items, and the buying of objects using MyMiniLife money”. Users start off with a set amount of virtual currency and then can purchase more to add items.

According to Compete.com, the site currently attracts only around 30,000 users per month. Despite the small amount of traffic, the team has built a robust platform. In search of top talent, the company found a match with the guys at MyMiniLife. MyMiniLife is a destination site and doesn’t currently exist on Facebook or other social platforms. Zynga on the other hand has a dominant portfolio of games including YoVille, a virtual world with over 11 million monthly active users.

As the company expands it will continue to search for top talent even if that means acquisition. Zynga has also been investing in smaller gaming companies by providing traffic in exchange for ownership, according to industry insiders. If the games grow, Zynga will acquire the team and the game. It’s not a bad model for finding those games that work best.

I’m sure we’ll hear about additional acquisitions over the coming months and years as Zynga looks to expand its gaming portfolio. So far the company appears to be on a pretty good streak. It will be interesting to see how large a portfolio the company can build before they get snapped up by one of the larger gaming companies.

One correction. MyMiniLife has been on Facebook since soon after the Facebook platform launched in 2007. We actually covered their launch. Currently the application has around 2,000 monthly active users.

Update 2
I’ve spoken with Sizhao Yang, the CEO of MyMiniLife, who has told us that MyMiniLife is being used to build out Farmville, the leading game on Facebook.