Zynga’s Daily Active Users on iOS, Android Reached 11.1M in October

One little gem we didn’t pick up yesterday from Zynga’s latest amendment to its IPO filing is that the company was able to grow the number of daily active users it has on mobile devices by 1.2 million in October from the previous quarter.

That gave the company an average of 11.1 million daily active users of iOS, Android and mobile web apps in October, up from 9.9 million in the quarter ending in September. The company’s most lucrative apps remain Poker by Zynga and Words With Friends, but it’s also brought new additions to the table like last week’s Mafia Wars Shakedown and CityVille Hometown.

The 11.1 million daily usage figure puts Zynga among the top handful of developers. Rovio Mobile has said that it has 30 million daily active users for its Angry Birds franchise. Glu Mobile said in its most recent quarterly earnings call that it had 2.1 million daily actives across its network of gamesStorm8 said it had 4 million daily actives on iOS and Android in June, but that was five months ago so they’re larger than that now.

Zynga is now coming to market with an aggressive schedule of releases this quarter including Dream Zoo and its recently released Mafia Wars Shakedown.

At the beginning of the year, several mobile-only upstart developers were beating Zynga out at the top of the charts. The prevailing school of thought at the time was that competency on one platform didn’t translate to success on another platform, especially considering that virality is nearly non-existent on iOS.

But the social gaming giant has slowly but surely gained traction on iOS. With lots of tweaking and optimization, Poker by Zynga has nudged aside Texas Poker from Siberian developer Kama Games. The acquisition of Newtoy last year, which was Zynga’s most expensive purchase to date at $53.3 million in cash and stock, looks positively cheap in retrospect.