Zingy’s On-Demand Dog Walking Service is Growing Fast on Mobile

The app is described as the "Uber for dog walking," allowing dog owners to hire walkers at a time they choose.


Zingy, an app offering on-demand personal dog walking services in the Los Angeles area, had a great first month of operation, with the developer reporting more than 300 walkers have joined the company since launch. These walkers are those who have successfully completed the “Zingy Academy,” which vets and trains potential walkers to ensure they meet the company and community’s standards.

ZingyThe Zingy app is described as the “Uber for dog-walking,” as pet owners can signup for an account and hire a trained dog walker to take their dog for a walk at a time they choose. Each dog is given its own profile, allowing owners to mark the dog’s name, gender and other traits the walker may need to know (does the dog hate bicycles, for instance).

Owners can select the length of the walk, in addition to extras, like giving the dog treats, food or water. Zingy doesn’t allow pack or off-lead walking, and owners receive a notification after each walk has been completed.

Walkers are certified as reliable and trustworthy by Zingy itself. On average, only 25-30 percent of users who start the Zingy Academy training program are actually selected. This program includes a six-point background check (including criminal records, national terrorists watch list, sex offenders list, social security verification, driving and address history), in-person interviews and 15 on-boarding training modules with a 100 percent pass requirement. Finally, the entire Zingy service is covered by insurance, so users can have confidence in the safety of their pets.

Zingy’s marketing director, Schafer Stewart, tells us Zingy is looking for lively, active and happy people to match its brand. While the company is currently operating exclusively in the Los Angeles area, it has plans to expand nationwide once it has “perfected” the service in LA and can “ensure that our service meets the standards we set.”

Currently, around eight hundred new applicants are going through the application process, to help Zingy expand to more neighborhoods.

Zingy is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.