Ziggy Stardust Under the High Line

It seems like everyone’s excited about the elevated park being planned atop the High Line, the mile-long abandoned railway track that stretches along Manhattan’s West Side Highway from 13th to 33rd Streets. It’s one of those brilliant civic projects that usually get canned for no good reason (budget, safety, unions, etc.) but which has somehow won the heart of the city — as well as much of the cash necessary to make it a reality. The High Line’s major avatars (including indefatiguable project masterminds Joshua David and Robert Hammond) were recently extolled in New York magazine’s list of the most influential New Yorkers. And now even rocker David Bowie is on track.

As reported earlier this week, the Man Who Fell to Earth will be curating next year’s inaugural High Line festival in the neighborhoods underneath the park. As part of the festival, Bowie himself will play a large outdoor concert, his first show in New York since 2003.

And to be sure, everybody in the New York media world likes an outdoor concert. That’s to say, get ready for the ensuing media swarm.