Harrison Ford, Mary Hart at Neptune’s Net

Right this minute, Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart is interviewing Harrison Ford out at Neptune’s Net. Cuz Mary is such an biker.

Michael Simmons B’Day Party Tonight

Happy Birthday, Michael Simmons! The legendary troublemaker/writer will be celebrating tonight at Little Joy. 1477 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 The festivities commence around 8 and FBLA readers […]

Salinas-Raz Wedding Site–Special Rates

Mirthala Salinas and her intended, Yanni Raz, have a wedding planning site, complete with boudoir photography. Mayor Tony missed the love train to Tackyville just in time. As the site […]

Katie Couric–Break-Up Girl?

Katie Couric leaving CBS? TVNewser explains what happened.

Mirthala Salinas Kinda Sorta Tells Something in LA Magazine

Shawn Hubler, has a cover story on the sadder-but-wiser Mirthala Salinas in Los Angeles magazine. Salinas regrets the affair with the Mayor, which happened due to the stress of her […]

Cary Tennis on How NOT to Get a Writing Job

Salon’s verbose advice columnist Cary Tennis struggles to answer a simple question: How can I get a writing job? He thinks newbie writers can just snag interview subjects by deception: […]

Save the Date–April 22 for All Media Party at the Palm

Just to keep our readers up-to-date, Carmen Scheidel, our West Coast director of Education and Events tells us: The West Hollywood office of will close as of June 30. […]

Indiepixie Faith-Ann Young Profiled in Huffington Post

Looking for more exposure while earning no money as a blogger? The Huffington Post welcomes your submissions, no matter how devoid of content. With that in mind, Lesley M. M. […]

Camile Paglia on Hillary Clinton’s Girly Men

Salon’s Camille Paglia answers one of the most pressing questions of our time: What kind of person would go to work for a Clinton in the first place? Chris Richard […]

LA Press Club–Get Your Nominations In Today!

Los Angeles Press Club is still accepting entries to the 50th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards. Members are given an extension to Thursday evening, April 10 at 7 PM. Download […]