Zevia Mimics Famous Apple Spots to Take on Aspertame-Flavored Drinks

Soda brand's video-social play styled after "Mac vs. PC"

Zevia, a zero-calorie soda that uses natural ingredients, evidently wants to be the Apple of soft drinks. In a seven-video campaign launched over the weekend, the brand is casting itself in the tradition of "Mac versus PC"—with the latter character being aspartame, the controversial diet beverage ingredient.

In place of the characters famously played by actors Justin Long ("Mac") and John Hodgman ("PC") for Apple's TV spots, Zevia has pitted a twentysomething female, "Stevia," against the aforementioned artificial sweetener, played by a thirtysomething male. While Hodgman's "PC" was more of a bore than anything in those ads, aspartame comes across as a real pill. For instance, the character chastises an individual for his "horrible ex-wife…and kids you don't want." Yikes.

The videos will be supported by a healthy dose of digital ads, while Zevia has also introduced Twitter accounts channeling the voices of "@ZeviasStevia" and "@MisterAspartame" to augment the effort with earned social media marketing. Los Angeles-based video firm One Lens Media designed the campaign.

Check out the first three vids.