Zendesk's Twitter Integration Shows Your Customers That You're Really Listening

Zendesk, a provider of web-based customer support software, is now offering seamless integration of Twitter into its help desk ticket service. These Twitter-tickets, dubbed Twickets, allow you to turn your customers’ Tweet into a help ticket and build a workflow around this content. Through a user-friendly interface, your business can now converse with clients on Twitter, move the conversation to Zendesk, email, or another platform, and get significant value out of the microblogging site.

Zendesk makes it easy for your employees to respond to a Twicket publicly while having a separate conversation with colleagues privately. A Tweet is essentially recorded on a ticket, which is then responded to by your help desk or customer service personnel. The functionality of this integration also allows users to switch from Twitter to email in order to break out of the 140-character limit if need be. These Twickets are recorded so that your business has a full record of the conversation, including threaded responses.

Another useful feature of the Twicket is its availability within most of the major social media monitoring tools. If you use TweetDeck, HootSuite, Seesmic or the Twitter app on Blackberry or iDevice, you’ll be able to seamlessly access your Twicket workflow.

Zendesk’s Twitter integration is a step in the right direction for any business who wants to converse with and retain customers on social media. Twitter is quickly becoming a two-way portal for businesses and their customers to reach out to one another, and by integrating a help desk feature businesses can show their customers that they are actually listening to comments and concerns. In the words of Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk:

“Twitter has changed the way consumers communicate about products and services, and our integration with Twitter will help companies join those conversations, better serve their customers, and ultimately build a stronger relationship.”