Zelling Out

In Hotline’s Friday Feature this week, they look at Jeff Zeleny, the David Broder of the next generation (or should we say that David Broder is the Jeff Zeleny of the old generation?). Anyway, Zeleny, the Chicago Tribune’s national political correspondent, is a veteran of the Des Moines Register, where he once spilled coffee on the shoes of a “certain Texas governor” running for president, and has been with the Trib’s D.C. bureau since the pre-9/11 days of peace and prosperity.

His first job? “After working on my family’s farm as a kid and spending some time behind a Pizza Hut counter as a teen, I was thrilled to land my first writing job at the York News-Times, a local daily, where I covered sports and news.”

His favorite vacation spot? “A destination on the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean where my Blackberry doesn’t work.”

In the profile, we also learn that Zeleny’s last meal would be a Omaha steak grilled medium well, and that his favorite book is the midwestern Truman Capote classic “In Cold Blood.” Apropo given that he’s a native of Exeter, Nebraska, population 700–give or take a family.