Adios (For Now)

Just a quick note to say that it’s been a pleasure swimming around here. Thanks to the tipsters and anonymous sources who have helped out over the past 16 months. […]

Snow Under A Microscope

Vaughn Ververs has a thought on Tony Snow‘s first day gaggling with the White House press corps: “Given Snow’s background as a high-profile journalist and conservative commentator, is it safe […]

Is USA Today Story Old News?

USA Today is attracting a lot of attention for phone call data mining this week. Here’s the rub: To a lot of people who cover this subject closely the USA […]

WUSA’s Haber Gets To Gloat

Dave McKenna writes up the amusing saga of the Lerners, the Nationals, and how Brett Haber of WUSA scooped everyone else. “Haber’s bosses at WUSA-TV were so proud of his […]

Naming Names

So there’s a debate going on the bulletin boards about a regional magazine that’s having trouble paying freelancers. Poster #1: “I wrote for a regional quarterly magazine for the […]

Times’ ‘Ignores Rosenthal’s Well-chronicled Homo-hating Bigotry’

A reader yesterday took issue with the Times’ obit Abe Rosenthal, saying it covered up some less nice parts of his story: “The NYT obit of Abe Rosenthal is not […]

Fox Moves Top Reporters Around

Our cousin TVNewser has lots of changes at Fox News: Brett Baier (left) will be the new chief White House correspondent, as “Campaign Carl” (aka Carl Cameron) returns to the […]

A New Era in Press Relations?

Bill Sammon writes today about how Tony Snow is laying the smackdown on the White House Press Corps. The press office has been putting out a pile of backgrounders “setting […]

Johns v. Stevens, The Throw-Down

Did Joe Johns screw it up for everybody or was he merely doing his job? Is Ted Stevens a cry-baby or did he get ambushed unfairly? Paul Kane reports in […]

Abe Rosenthal, 1922 – 2006

From the NYT: “A. M. Rosenthal, a Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent who became the executive editor of The New York Times and led the paper’s global news operations through 17 […]