Yucca Studios releases empire-builder GodZ on Facebook

Image via Yucca Studios

New social game studio Yucca Studios has released its first game on Facebook: GodZ, a social strategy game that’s slowly taking off on the platform. GodZ places players in the role of a God, asking them to grow a small civilization into something grand, creating settlers to expand their land, training soldiers to protect that land, and so on.

GodZ is similar to other Facebook city-builders, as players can build homes to increase their village’s population, can build military structures for training troops, and can build temples and other religious buildings to train prophets. More items become available as players earn experience points and level up over time.

Each type of citizen has a specific purpose within the game. Soldiers, of course, battle against opposing forces, while citizens can become Settlers used to expand into new land squares, as examples. Prophets, meanwhile, are used to “evangelize” other players’ citizens, really bringing the religious theme to the front of the game.

Image via Yucca Studios

Most of the game’s actions require time to complete, but premium currency can be used to speed up those waiting cycles for instant progress. Players can complete quests by building structures, expanding their village and finishing other tasks, and must do so by constantly balancing the use of a variety of resources. These include food, wood and stone, along with more whimsical items, such as Minotaur dust.

Resources are earned in quarries and lumber mills, for instance, which also require time to function, and will produce different amounts of materials, depending on how long a player wishes to wait for them to form.

While GodZ comes with plenty of monetization options, the game is ultimately available to play for free on Facebook. You can follow the game’s progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.