YouTubers Now Uploading Over 35 Hours Of Video Per Minute!

This week YouTube's got some big news! YouTubers are now uploading over 35 hours of video per minute, up from 24 hours a minute in March.

These days it seems like YouTube has something new and exciting to announce on a weekly basis. This week the big news is that YouTube users are now uploading over 35 hours of video per minute. This is a huge jump. Just last March they announced that 24 hours of video were being uploaded per hour. At this rate, we’ll be seeing whole life spans worth of video being uploaded in minutes before you know it.

YouTube draws a picture on the company blog of just how much content 35 hours a minute works out to with some interesting analogies. “If we were to measure that in movie terms (assuming the average Hollywood film is around 120 minutes long), 35 hours a minute is the equivalent of over 176,000 full-length Hollywood releases every week. Another way to think about it is: if three of the major US networks were broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the last 60 years, they still wouldn’t have broadcast as much content as is uploaded to YouTube every 30 days.” That is a lot of freakin’ content!

There are a lot of factors that have lead to the growth of YouTube’s uploads, aside from the fact that the site is growing in popularity. For one, YouTube increased their upload time limit from 10 minutes to 15 minutes over the summer, meaning that users are now uploading longer videos. They also increased the upload file size. As more and more people are switching over to iPhones and other smart phones, more people are able to shoot and upload videos on the fly as well.

With 35 hours of video being uploaded each minute, it’s becoming more and more clear that you can watch basically anything on YouTube. How many hours of video have you uploaded to the site? How long do you think it will take until 48 hours, or two full days, are being uploaded each minute?