10 YouTube Videos That Prove Science Is Cool

From a destructive solar death ray to amazing bubbles, these videos are sure to inspire you to do a little experimenting of your own. So grab your lab coat and safety goggles, and prepare to be entertained!

Do you cringe when you hear the mention of science, physics, biology or chemistry? If so, get over your preconceived notions of science being boring. Here are ten amazing YouTube videos that prove that science isn’t only interesting, but it’s cool too! From a destructive solar death ray to scientific magic tricks, optical illusions, chemistry and bubbles, these videos are sure to inspire you to do a little experimenting of your own. So grab your lab coat and your safety goggles, and prepare to be entertained!

Solar Death Ray: Power of 5000 suns!

The video was the inspiration behind this top 10 list. ‘Solar Death Ray’ was uploaded back in April of 2010 but went randomly viral earlier this week, thanks to Reddit, and currently has just over 550,000 views. The guy who made the video, Eric Jacqmain, created his solar death ray by covering an ordinary fiberglass satellite dish with 5,800 small mirrors. He writes in the video description that, “When properly aligned, it can generate a spot the size of a dime with an intensity of 5,000 suns! This amount of power is more than enough to melt steel, vaporize aluminum, boil concrete, turn dirt into lava, and obliterate any organic material in an instant.” Be careful with that thing, Eric!

Top 10 quirky science tricks for parties

This next video shows you how to be the life of any party with science. From fire tricks to pulling a tablecloth out from under a table of plates, putting candles out by pouring air on them and more, here are 10 awesome science tricks that you should definitely learn before your next party.

Amazing Fire Trick

You saw this amazing fire trick in the previous video. However, it’s so cool that I thought it was worth taking a second look at. This video lays it out in more detail and better video footage.

Dry Ice Bubble

If I only knew where to find a bowl of dry ice I would try this out right now. Talk about cool…this is one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen.

Create A Lemon Battery

One of the most popular science videos on YouTube is this tutorial about how to create a battery out of a lemon. It’s pretty neat that you can create a battery using only a lemon (which contains acid, of course), a penny and a zinc-coated nail. Think one of these could run my car?

The World of Chemistry

If you still aren’t convinced that chemistry can be fun, no doubt you’ll think so after seeing this video of a bunch of elements at a party!

Liquid Light – Cool Science Experiment

Glow sticks are awesome right? If you love them as much as I do then you’ll be blown away by this cool liquid light experiment that creates the same chemical reaction as the ever-popular glow stick! Luminescence rocks!

Illusions From Bill Nye

Optical illusions are one of my favorite scientific tricks that we play on ourselves. Check out a few cool illusions from Bill Nye’s show, or check out our list of 8 optical illusions that will boggle your mind.

Cool Science Trick – Viscosity

Viscosity is awesome. Who woulda thunk it? Make sure to watch this one all the way to the end because the final result is pretty astounding.

Soap Bubbles with Keith Johnson

And we’ll close our list out with a Discovery Channel video about Keith Johnson, the Bubble Artist. Johnson got a government grant to research and perform a soap bubble show to teach kids about science. In this video you will learn a few science facts but, more importantly, you’ll get to see some amazing bubble tricks!