46% Of UK YouTubers are on Twitter [STUDY]

46% Of YouTubers are on Twitter [STUDY]

For marketers, driving fans from their most popular social network to engage with another is a tried-and-tested technique that can often pay dividends, especially when building your brand audience on a new platform.

Typically, however, brands push Facebook fans to Twitter, Twitter fans to Facebook and both to Instagram, but if you have an especially strong presence on YouTube you might want to reconsider your strategy.

In a study of users in the United Kingdom, GlobalWebIndex discovered that 85 percent of YouTube users are “second screeners”, meaning that they use a portable device, such as a smartphone or tablet, when watching TV. Which means that marketers can and should push viewers to watch additional content on YouTube when their shows are airing.

The data also revealed that 83 percent of YouTubers are also on Facebook and almost half (46 percent) are on Twitter, giving brands a couple of great opportunities to provide additional content to YouTubers from these channels and, for those with a large number of YouTube subscribers, boost their Facebook and Twitter channels with some creative cross-network marketing.

46% Of UK YouTubers are on Twitter [STUDY]

(Source: GlobalWebIndex.)