YouTube Troll Tamtampamela Mocks Christians & Tsunami Victims, Gets Death Threats

You thought Alexandra Wallace was bad? Meet Pamela.

You thought Alexandra Wallace was bad? Meet Pamela aka Tamtampamela aka “what the heck were you thinking?!” Pamela has been trolling YouTube for awhile now, but she went to far with her latest video. Posing as a devout Christian, Pamela thought it would be funny to post a video about how great God is for answering her prayers to open the eyes of atheists by “shaking the country of Japan”.

That’s right – Pamela thought it would be a good idea to post a video as a “joke”, called ‘God Is So Good!”thanking God for showing Japanese atheists who’s boss. The original video was taken down, but I’ve got a screenshot of the description on the original video, in which she writes, “Praise God for answered prayers!!! God answered us after just 1 day of fasting and praying! He rattled the atheists in Japan!! The rest of the world better be ready! 1 day of prayer – 9.0 earthquake in Japan! I can’t even begin to imagine what 40 days of prayer will do!”

Just like with Alexandra Wallace yesterday, Pamela (if that’s her real name) took the video down, but it was too late. Others, who had the foresight to download the video have re-uploaded it:

Now, a lot of people have been responding to our post on Alexandra Wallace, the UCLA student who uploaded a racist rant about Asians in the Library and is now suffering the consequences, talking about her right to speak her mind. People brought up free speech and said she had the right to speak her mind. That being said, I think she should have thought twice before posting her video to YouTube.
But YouTube Troll Pamela took things to a whole new level. She didn’t speak her mind or what she believes, apparently. Just hours before she took her account down from YouTube she uploaded a new video, in which she admits to being a troll. She says, “I’ve been making troll videos for awhile now, but this last one seems to have pissed off a lot of people, which was my intention, but at this point I’m kinda tired of pizza so I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag.”

You’ll notice that Pamela doesn’t even apologize for the disgusting video that she uploaded about the tsunami. In fact, she says, “It was fun”. However, shortly after the second video was uploaded she started getting death threats, which is apparently the reason she took the video down.
As you can imagine, Tamtampamela’s videos have spawned an onslaught of video responses, including a disco remix. Yesterday I wanted to give Alexandra Wallace the benefit of the doubt, but I just can’t do that with Tamtampamela. Trolling is no excuse to be disgusting. How could a person think that this would be a good idea?
In a response video, one viewer talks about his feelings after finding out that Tamtampamela was a troll and that her account was taken down because she received death threats. He says, “I wouldn’t wish death threats on anyone in the world. It’s a horrible thing in itself, but I’m not surprised, if you’re posting something like that, whether your serious or you’re being a troll, don’t be surprised if you get death threats.” This viewer says that it’s good that she took the video down, but in the future he hopes that she (and other YouTubers) won’t post anything like this because it’s way too dangerous. He brings up a very good point. Not only does uploading content like this hurt your reputation, but it could endanger you physically as well. Scary stuff.
What do you think about what Tamtampamela did? Do you think she deserves the death threats and backlash?