YouTube + MySpace for Music Fans – is great music video source for all music fans with wide range of video materials from shows, concerts interviews and more. M+ offer live video streaming broadcasting 24 hours a day and offering hottest videos from artists and entertainers.

YouTube + MySpace for Music Fans -

Now M+ have released new version of the project and have added more flexibility, features and possibilities to which now allow users to really fall in music world and share their passion with others. It is now very similar to MySpace, Friendster, Xanga, Bebo and other social networks, but with the focus on music. All the new features you can read at M+ blog post, but I will name only the best ones:

– Blogs

Now M+ users have all possibilities to blog with the help of new tools offered by new release. M+ offer also subscription options to other blogs and receive alerts from new posts.

– File Uploading and Unlimited Bandwidth

This will like all MySpace and Friendster fans – with unlimited bandwidth you now can host your music videos on M+ and share with your MySpace and Friendster buddies.

– Customization

All MySpace, Xanga, Bebo users understand how important is customization options and now also in M+ you can customize your space.

How you can see M+ is nice place where to find music and it is really full with good content:

A by product of over 3 years of content production, houses literally thousands of hours of exclusive shows, interviews, live performances, music videos and other video content. All of’s hosted video content is fully-embeddable, and can be easily integrated into any web-property via the branded MusicPlusTV video player.


YouTube + MySpace for Music Fans -

With the new functionality it is close to social networks but also to other media souces like TV, and speaking about TV can smash it with one hit:

2X Resolution Television Stream:

All the new bells and whistles of’s V3 website are anchored by our bread and butter product – the live, 24/7 television stream. Going strong since June of 2005, version 3 DOUBLES the resolution on our stream, making the pop-out, expandable Flash player that much easier on the eyes.

As you can see M+ really have done great job to offer their users new options and also with the help of them hunt other users to join to “music MySpace”. How I mentioned in my several previous posts about ‘specific theme’ social networks that they have very huge potential in my eyes and I wish success to also.

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