How YouTube Leanback Went From Bad To Rad With Personalized Channels

When YouTube Leanback was first launched I was not a fan. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it kept showing me a disgusting video of chefs on Hells Kitchen poking raw meat, or the fact that the interface was anything but intuitive, or the fact that I just didn’t find it conducive to leaning back and relaxing. The good news is, in the months since YouTube launched Leanback they have made it a whole lot better and their latest feature, Personalized Channels, is the straw that broke the camel’s back and turned me into a Leanback fan.

When Leanback first launched it claimed to deliver the video content that you want to watch, based on your YouTube preferences and the videos that your friends are watching. You could also browse YouTube categories like Comedy or Autos & Vehicles. You could search for specific tags, keywords and topics as well. However, I still found that YouTube Leanback didn’t do a great job of presenting me with the content I really wanted to see when it first launched. New Personalized Channels changes all of that.

The following video, posted on the YouTube blog, explains how the Personalized Channels work. Basically, from YouTube Leanback (when logged in to your YouTube account) you click the down arrow twice and click on ‘Create Channels’. From there, search for topics of videos you’d like to watch (i.e. Sailing, Cooking, Knitting, etc.). Click to create a channel from the search term of your choice. You will then be presented with videos and you can click thumbs up or thumbs down as you watch them to create a more personalized channel. YouTube Leanback will present you with more of the types of videos you have thumbs upped and less of the types of videos you have thumbs downed. Check out the video below to learn more.

I created a pretty cool channel using the topic search term “Rollercoaster”. The channel has got a bunch of videos of people riding on awesome coasters all over the world, but I got a little nauseous after the first few and created a stop motion channel instead.

What do you think of Leanback’s new Personalized Channels? What channels have you created?