YouTube Integrates Facebook Connect to Autoshare Uploaded Videos

Although Facebook and Google are rivals on multiple fronts, YouTube announced today that it has just launched Facebook Connect integration, making it easy to autoshare uploaded videos with Facebook friends.

Now, after you authenticate with Facebook on YouTube, YouTube will automatically post a link to videos you upload on Facebook. The integration should boost traffic sent back to YouTube from Facebook as well – in the case of other Facebook Connect implementations, each shared item has generated up to 30 clicks back to the Connect-enabled site.

This actually isn’t the first time Facebook Connect has been integrated on YouTube. Two months ago, Coca Cola Europe’s Green Eyed World campaign manged to launch with a custom Facebook Connect integration on YouTube. That effort went very well.

The YouTube integration marks another major partner launch for Facebook Connect in June. Last week, Microsoft announced the integration of Facebook Connect on Xbox Live and Nintendo announced integration on its DSi handheld at E3 in Los Angeles.

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