YouTube founders launch MixBit video app

Image via MixBit
Image via MixBit

Hoping to tap into the social and creative aspects of sharing video, YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have designed the new app MixBit, enabling you to not only shoot and swap, but stitch a variety of clips together from different sources to create your own mashed-up masterpiece.

“Today we want to remove the barriers to video creation,” Hurley posted on the official MixBit blog in order to announce the new product, available today for free in the App Store. “That means giving people intuitive and flexible recording and remixing tools so it’s easier than ever to tell meaningful stories through video. It means inventing new ways to encourage and enable people to collaborate with each other. And it also means exploring new approaches to identity, such as letting people upload videos without forcing them to sign up.”

The app enables users to post videos as short as one second or as long as an hour, with the ability to grab other videos shared by the community in order to collaborate with people from across the world on your own crazy visual remix.