Youtoo Apps for Android & iPhone: Ticket to 15 Seconds of Fame on National Cable TV Channel?

Youtoo is more than just a cable TV channel where you can find old TV shows like Batman, Green Hornet and X-Files. It is, as their slogan says, social TV. The release of the new Youtoo iPhone and Youtoo Android apps may also let Youtoo be your ticket to 15 seconds of fame (“15 minutes” of fame is 20th century stuff). A 15 second Fame Spot video can be recorded using an iPhone or Android phone, uploaded to Youtoo and, possibly, shown nationwide on the cable TV channel.

Here’s what the iPhone and Android apps can do:

  • The app allows anyone to record themselves and within a few minutes it is reviewed, transcoded and sitting an uplink facility ready to go to air…all fully automated.
  • The tickers allow for simultaneous running on mobile, Web and Cable TV PLUS sharing with Twitter and Facebook all with one click.
  • Well placed overlays help with HOW TO and directions to ensure the camera is oriented in the correct manner.
  • Ability to follow, friend, share, checking and mark as favorites in the same interface