No One Can Decide Whether Hillary Clinton’s Comms Fail Is a Scandal

Is this really a scandal or not?

In what will probably serve as a sign of things to come over the next 18+ months, The New York Times broke what looks like the first potentially scandalous story of sure-to-be-candidate Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

In short, she skirted official rules while serving as Secretary of State by never using an official government email address…or did she?!

Here’s NYT reporter Michael Schmidt explaining his scoop on TODAY:

Hillary injects politics into almost everything? What is she, a career politician?

While a Clinton spokesperson defended the move as something that past Secretaries of State such as Colin Powell have also done, former Obama administration Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called the decision “highly unusual” and theorized that “it’s something that they’re going to have to explain in good measure today.”

So the memes, the basic back-and-forth, and the questions regarding Mrs. Clinton’s famous Twitter avatar have already begun despite the fact that she has yet to declare her candidacy.

Here’s a take from Kashmir Hill, security reporter at Fusion:

Clay Johnson, a tech startup founder, thinks this was more about dated technologies than secrecy:

Johson’s entire thread provides an interesting take on the story. Some critics will dismiss his opinion immediately, but he did co-found Blue State Digital…the group that played a key role in helping Obama defeat Hillary in 2008.

So was Clinton’s email decision a way to keep certain information under wraps, or was it all about convenience of communication?

Expect to hear more than a few references to these ghostly emails over the next few months.