Your Duvet, Your Way. Exactly.

The customization trend is nothing new. Want your Subway sandwich with red onions and hot peppers? You got it. How about that Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with no sugar and an inch of skim milk (this writer’s favorite)? Not a problem.

If you think there nothing is left to personalize to the nth degree, think again. Inmod has pushed the concept even further so you order a custom-design duvet that will really be unique. In the old days (that would be 2005, probably), you’d could order bed covers in a different colorway and perhaps. Well, that philosophy is so old-school. Now, thanks to Inmod you can order a bedspread in dozens of colors and fabrics (silk taffeta and dupioni are just some of the textiles available) which you can top off with a huge selection of retro, pop art, modern and nature-inspired designs. The online store claims that it hasn’t sold the same duvet twice. We’re sold on the concept because this means the next time we have a party we can not only spin old records, but show off the mod sleeping quarters to show how cool we really are.