Your Digital Black Friday Survival Guide


Sazze’s Black Friday Survival Guide

The most seasoned, battle-tested Black Friday shoppers won't stand for waiting in line and taking their pick of the deals at hand. If you're an obsessive retail junkie (and if you're out at 12 a.m. on Black Friday, you probably are), you'll need a dynamic set of real-time updates on the biggest sales and largest discounts. Sazze's Black Friday app is probably not for the faint of heart, but the free guide, which features "breaking news and leaked ads in real time" is probably a must-have for the most dedicated, tech-savvy deal seekers out there. 


Shop Savvy Premium Barcode/QR Code Scanner

It's 3 a.m. and you're standing in front of a big LCD TV that you're about to purchase. It's a tense moment and a big investment, to be certain. The average Joe has to deal with this leap of retail faith all the time, but not you. Grab the smartphone and use Shop Savvy's Premium barcode scanner to check and see other competitors' deals. Who knows? You might just end up hightailing it across the mall at four in the morning to save a couple hundred bucks. This is a no brainer for the journeyman Black Friday shopper.



We've all seen the folks with the overflowing keychain rewards fobs. While these quickly scanned cards and widgets may help pile on the savings at checkout, nobody wants to wait while you sift through your packed wallet or oversized keychain to find the corresponding card. Cardstar helps organize these cards and keep your wallet light and keychain unfettered.  


Walmart’s Black Friday App

Walmart is coming under some heat for opening its doors for Black Friday at 8 p.m. on Thursday, well before most turkeys are even cold. As in years past, the retailer is expecting near-chaos as shoppers flood its aisles into the wee hours of the morning. If you should find yourself inside one on Friday, Walmart has included some handy features in its app to make sure you don't get lost inside its cavernous walls and help you pinpoint the best deals before you bound into the fluorescent product wonderland. 


Macy’s/Sears In-Store Apps

There's nothing totally out of the ordinary when it comes to the Macy's and Sears Black Friday apps, but seeing as the retailers are among the most visited during Friday's madness, anyone looking for a deal will be happy to know that they are adding in-store maps and updated deals to the apps. No need to panic while looking for that cappuccino machine. Consult the app. Get the edge. Stay sane...please.



Black Friday means lines. Long, horrible, cold and painful lines. To while away the hours standing next to fellow deal junkies, download Letterpress, an iPhone word game that's become a trendy time waster for those with an Apple smartphone. If word games aren't for you, perhaps it's Angry Birds. And for those whose minds have been completely dulled by line waiting, give Hold On a try. The iOS app challenges users with a timer to see how long they can keep a finger on a touch button. No thought involved there.


Live Happy

Waking up at the crack of dawn (or well before), suffering the deal-crazy hordes and fighting your fellow man for the last toaster in stock can take a lot out of a person. If retail-induced seasonal affective disorder should strike, dial up Signal Patterns' Live Happy app, which offers a variety of suggestions to improve one's mood and cope with difficult situations. 


Army Survival for iPhone

While waiting for retailers to open, you'll probably have to deal with the elements. Heck, you may even have to camp out. It can get pretty hairy out there in the land of the big deals, and, as any good Boy Scout will tell you, you should always be prepared. The Army's Survival app is a stellar collection of tips and tricks to help just about anyone survive any situation. For only $1.99, you'll have everything from rudimentary first aid tips to instructions for constructing a shelter during inclement weather. A must-have for those going all out this Black Friday. You can never be too prepared.