You Will Definitely Have Busy Thumbs at BusyThumbs Mobile Blogging Service

busythumbs_logo.jpgI like the catchy name – BusyThumbs, really speaks of what you’re going to experience once you start using BusyThumbs mobile blogging service. Mobile phone and blogs equals moblogging. This is the future of web publishing, better yet, this is now.

If you’re not new to moblogging, you pretty much know what moblogging is all about. But to explain it in a brief way, it’s just like blogging but this time you did using your phones SMS or MMS functionality.

Joining and using BusyThumbs is both easy and free. It has two basic requirements though – a PC with internet connection and web-capable mobile phone. But those two things are pretty much the standard gadgets that everyone seems to have today. Airtime charges for sending MMS and SMS depends on your mobile service providers though. And yes, a camera phone will come in handy as well and will help you spice up your moblogs.

Using BusyThumbs moblogging service is easy. After registering your account, you can start uploading pictures to your moblogs via your PCs browsers or send MMS and SMS to an email address which you have created during the blog creation process. After sending an MMS or SMS to your moblog, just wait for 5 minutes and it will appear on your moblogs.

Found via KillerStartUps