You Thought California Was Bad? Imagine Six of Them.

six california

Welcome to the Golden States?! 

The idea to slice and dice California is not a fleeting one. Instead, it’s more like the fart in the elevator — you know it stinks but you can’t detect the source. That’s this, except now, we have a face to the fart eh, idea.

Meet Tim Draper

He’s a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who invested in a few mediocre start-ups like Hotmail and Skype. So, if you need to bum a few bucks, he’s your huckleberry. While the idea to create six separate states out of California sounds asinine, to those living in the state, it may be an epiphany and a solution.

Here’s how…

californias-flagTim got the go-ahead from the California Secretary of State for the “Six Californias” idea. Amazing what a few dollars can help you achieve, huh? Think about it. The state has been sucking its energy grid dry for decades. It’s now under the worst drought in state history. And let’s not get started about the state educational system.

Having six separate states in this most populous and depleted of lands could actually help things work better.

According to the story, Draper said that each region has different priorities, and a separate state would allow those areas to focus on what’s important to the citizens there.

For example, in the south, residents are concerned about immigration, in the Central Valley the big issue is water rights and in the north it’s taxation without representation, Draper said.

But the prospect of a six-state California becoming a reality is unlikely. Even if passed by voters, Congress would still have to approve the plan, including the addition of 10 more senators — not to mention the more than 800,000 signatures Draper needs on his diamond-encrusted petition.

And then there’s the voting implications. Thanks to the Washington Post, we have this monkey wrench into Draper’s plan of the routine blue state:

Using 2012 presidential election vote tallies as a baseline, we’ve determined that the Six Californias would break down this way: 1) Three solidly blue states (North California, Silicon Valley, West California) 2) Three swing states (Jefferson, Central California and South California – two of which would lean Republican).

If Draper’s plans for California become a reality, the bulk of the state’s wealth, centered on Silicon Valley, home to a number of household tech names, including Google and Facebook, and South California, which is the seat of Hollywood and the US entertainment industry (funny how that gets separated, huh). Jefferson, North California, West California and South California would be forced to fight over a dramatically reduced tax pie (again, not much for irony there).

This could be altruistic for the state’s well-being. This could be hoarding tax rights for the wealthiest. This could be caste system run-a-muck. Whatever it is, it is under consideration. Wonder what the PR fun of this ballyhoo will be if it gets to petition state. Should be fun.