You Need One Number to Make Your Corporate Blog a Success

It takes a lot a work to get momentum for your corporate blog. You’ll do some PR, push email out to your clients and target lists and push your colleagues to talk it up. Facebook ads, SEO and other marketing efforts may contribute as well. As you know, however, you have to have solid content to turn one-time visitors into committed followers. One of the tools you can use to do this is data. One “killer stat” every now and then can make a profound difference in adoption by your target market.

The “killer stat” is actually a pretty simple concept. To understand it, let’s start with what generally makes content resonate with your target market.

First, why would people in your target market read your corporate blog? After all, they already read trade publications, and what you provide is likely a one-sided version (you are marketing your company, right?). And if someone in your target market looks beyond the trades to corporate sources of information, you still have your competitors to worry about.

The solution is to provide insightful, interesting and relevant content that your target market won’t be able to find anywhere else. The media has known the value of the exclusive for decades, and the concept applies in the corporate world. If you generate enough exclusives, you’ll find yourself with a large base of loyal visitors.

Coming up with an exclusive isn’t easy. Especially if you’re covering the core industries faced by your industry, what you produce may be somewhat different from the stuff your competitors put out, but the degree of differentiation won’t be sufficient to win their loyalty. Coming up with something unique and powerful is time-consuming, which means that publishing a real exclusive may not carry sufficient ROI.

This is where data can help you out.

A “killer stat” is a bit of data – a number – that is difficult to generate. Because of your company’s reach into the marketplace, you can come up with it. It might involve market share, end-user adoption of a particular product or the penetration of a best practice. Broad pricing data works, as well.

Come up with a killer stat – one that your competitors won’t have – and you’ll find it easier to generate PR pickups, encourage your sales team to use the blog as a sales tool and stimulate sharing among readers in your target market. Your corporate blog becomes directly useful to your target market, and every time a user clicks through, you gain intelligence you can feed back to your sales force.

By communicating something to your market that is widely wanted but hard to find, you become a valuable source of information – and that opens the door to long-term ROI. Invest in a bit of research periodically, and you’ll have content that is compelling and applicable. This is where the potential of a corporate blog can be tapped to generate tangible results.

[Source: OpenView Labs]