You Must Build A Boat Sails Onto iOS, Android

The follow-up to 10000000 sees players building a boat by surviving as long as they can in match-three dungeons.

Luca Redwood’s EightyEight Games has announced the release of You Must Build A Boat on iOS and Android devices. The follow-up to the popular puzzle game 10000000, You Must Build A Boat challenges players to build a vessel and sail the seas by surviving as long as they can in match-three puzzle dungeons.

Gameplay in You Must Build A Boat sees players creating lines of three or more matching symbols by dragging entire rows or columns around the screen, rather than swapping the locations of two touching symbols. As their hero runs across the top of the screen, players will encounter monsters, locked chests and other obstacles, indicating the types of symbols they should work to clear next. For instance, sword and staff symbols are used to attack monsters, while keys are used to unlock chests.

The board’s additional symbols contain currencies like thought and power, as well as shield symbols, which allow players to take more damage before losing the run. The game allows players to make matches as quickly as they can find them, but there is an element of strategy present, as users may wish to save their sword and staff matches until they’re actually facing an enemy (for example).

You Must Build A Boat 2

The dungeon is forever scrolling across the top of the screen, even when matches aren’t being made, causing the run to end when players eventually fall off (or are knocked off) the left side of the board. If players survive long enough and reach certain distance milestones, the dungeon becomes more difficult. Randomized dungeon effects are triggered during these advancements, which may see stronger monsters added to the dungeon, additional chests added to the path and so on.

Similarly, players can accept quests before each run, which each trigger a different effect on the dungeon, usually increasing its difficulty. However, it’s worth emphasizing there’s no way to lose in You Must Build A Boat; instead, these challenges may simply cause the next run to be shorter than the last.

In between runs, players can spend their currencies on upgrades for their weapons and shields, allowing them to survive longer in future dungeons. Users will also recruit new crew members for their ship, including captured monsters, each with a different passive effect on the game. For instance, one may increase the amount of gold players collect, while another increases players’ critical hit chance during battle, and so on.

You Must Build A Boat is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is also available on Steam.

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