Hey, Tweople: #YouMatter – Pass It On

How important is it for children to know that they matter? Intuitively we know the answer is “very.” Children live up to our expectations and hearing that they are important in the world makes their little hearts pitter-patter with pride.

And you know what, it’s important for adults to hear that they are important too. And Angela Maiers is making sure you know it.

Did you ever stop to think about how simply noticing people can make a huge difference in their lives? This may seem a bit wishy-washy at first glance, but let it simmer for a few minutes and give the concept a chance. Angela Maiers did and she’s now an evangelist who has adopted an entire movement based on this premise alone.

After speaking at TEDxDesMoines (can view it below), a single tweet sent off a flurry of retweets and shares referencing #YouMatter. 300,000 shares later Angela finds herself at the helm of a social movement that continues to build. As Angela shared with us, “It is an amazing testament to the web and to the world. If I was not living this reality; I may have not believed it to be possible.”



And the movement is popular because it rings true. As Angela mentions in her talk, whether or not we admit it, our lives are dependent upon how other people see us – and a little encouragement, a little recognition of what makes a person great (and everyone has something) can change everything.
The movement challenges people to not only notice each other, but to speak in specifics. What are you noticing about a person and why is it significant? It isn’t all a bunch of surface hogwash, it’s sincere – and it’s powerful. It’s telling people not only that you appreciate them, but why you appreciate them.

“It’s not just a compliment, it’s a call to action,” Angela says. It encourages folks to act because their actions are appreciated.

Imagine what that could do for the many people who feel unappreciated or who are suffering in silence? Now compound that and imagine what it could do for the world.

Well, you won’t have to imagine for long, because Angela tells us that she’s working on a date for a Global YOU MATTER day with Kred and other social media leaders, as well as a day for Educators to help them better understand how this movement can help in the classroom and beyond. Watch for details! 

So what do you think? Can you tell one person how they matter to you today – and every day? Can you get behind the #YouMatter movement? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(People hugging image from Shutterstock)