You Are Now Entering: The Whopper Bar


Man, ordering a Whopper can be sooo boring. Not anymore, according to Janet Adamy in today’s Wall Street Journal. Burger King plans to introduce “Whopper Bars” that will offer as many as ten types of Whoppers.

Russ Klein, Burger King’s president, global marketing, strategy and innovation told Adamy, “It’s our way of stepping into the future. The Whopper is arguably a trademark that is bigger than Burger King itself.”

The Burger King PR team sure got some WSJ love today. Looks like they gave Adamy the “exclusive,” as no other media currently have the story. And if they do, they’re linking to the Journal, just like us.

The best part about all of this? “Mr. Klein says it isn’t ‘unthinkable’ that it would offer beer at the new BK bars, particularly in some overseas markets where it already sells alcohol.”