Yo Asks Apple to Remove YOLO From App Store

The makers of Yo filed a complaint to the App Store, asking for the removal of parody app YOLO.

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The makers of Yo, an app that sends nothing but “Yo” to your lockscreen, filed a complaint to the App Store, asking for the removal of parody app, YOLO.

Yo claims that YOLO is a complete copy of Yo, a new app that has already accrued $1.5 million in funding and $10 valuation. While Yo sends nothing but “Yo” to anyone you want, YOLO also adds the time — literally, you only live once? YOLO looks strikingly similar to Yo in appearance, so it’s definitely confusing, while obviously breaching trademark and copyright laws.

Yo’s creator Or Arbel told TechCrunch:

As the pioneer of a concept, Yo has spawned many clones, though most of the clones offer something slightly different, some of them are a complete replication of the Yo app. Even the App Store description was copied word by word. We value creativity and we are in a free market. Improving upon our concept is welcomed, copying us bit-by-bit isn’t.

The trouble is, Yo has more than just one parody clone — the app has been copied over and over for fun and for profit. From the Game of Thrones Yo, Hodor to even this theoretical app with no real software to download: Hey:

It’s gotten so easy to clone Yo, thanks to a script that allows developers to clone Yo and all of its simplistic glory:

Having the Yo app’s source code and script, makes it easy to clone this app or Yo style messaging app. You may ask why yo app clone, when you have the original. The original does not include more than just a yo. Though that is the purpose of the app, there are users around who would like to have something more to say than just a Yo. While cloning the Yo app, there will be some amazing features that will be added as per the user requirement.

Yo (Left) vs YOLO (right)
Yo (Left) vs YOLO (right)

As for the parody YOLO, I think we can all agree that it was definitely worth the laughs. But we can’t agree with one of YOLO’s team members, Betty Xi, who told TechCrunch, “YOLO is entirely different from Yo.” People might not be able to appreciate the simplicity of Yo’s platform or its silly name, but Yo has already been used to warn Israelis about missile strikes.