Yik Yak Raises $62 Million, Valued at $300 to $400 Million

The anonymous messaging app Yik Yak is looking to broaden its horizons outside college campuses.

yik yak

The college-centric anonymous messaging app Yik Yak has raised $62 million, valuing the company at $300 to $400 million, reports The Wall Street Journal. Investors are betting on two trends: anonymity and messaging. Sequoia Capital led the investment. According to the WSJ, the venture capital firm made more than $3 billion thanks to a $60 million investment in messaging app Whatsapp.

Yik Yak raised $1.5 million in April of this year and another $10 million in June. The app is only about a year old. For some context:

The app has had its share of challenges in its young life, including cyberbullying, bomb threats and the requisite lawsuit from a former friend.

However, Yik Yak’s founders Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington have their sights set beyond college campuses: They want to take on Twitter. Well, they certainly have a lot of work to do to court the non-college-age crowd: