Yes, Mark Zuckerberg Shares His Profile

-Mark Zuckerberg Headshot-Want to see photos that Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, has been tagged in? Want to see his latest status updates? Now you can. The media has been obsessed with it all day, some of which have even suggested that Mark Zuckerberg must not understand the new privacy settings. They would be wrong as Zuckerberg’s new privacy settings are a statement about how people are becoming more public with their profile information.

As Barry Schnitt told Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb, “becoming less private and more public is ‘a change just like it was a change in 2006 when Facebook became more than just people from colleges’.” With the new transition tool recommending that users share more information with others, it’s not surprising that Mark Zuckerberg would make a statement by sharing more information as well.

Trust me though, Mark Zuckerberg understands privacy settings. He can post all the updates he’d like and now limit the visibility of those updates to “Friends Only”, which I’m sure he’s happy to take advantage of. The real question though is whether or not users truly want to share more information about themselves. Also, if a user wants to share everything about themselves, Facebook enables them to, but it’s clear that Facebook is now forcing this “openness” onto everybody.

That’s a question that many users and privacy experts are asking, as the new privacy setting continue to roll out to all users. Facebook essentially just made the default for status updates to “Everyone” and many of those users may not grasp what that means. If you do a search on Facebook now for any phrase, you’ll now see many more results than were visible before the new privacy settings began to roll out.

We already wrote about how the volume of stream content would increase, however we’re now beginning to see the initial impact of the greater visibility. Some are suggesting that these new settings are resulting in a “privacy fiasco”, but it’s not yet clear whether the majority of users actually care one way or the other. While there was an uproar over being able to make your friends list invisible to other users, we haven’t heard about any other widespread objections to the new settings.

Do you think the new privacy settings are sufficient? Do you want to share more profile information with the rest of the world?

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