Yes, I Know the Google Cr-48 Notebook is Not a Production Device. But, Why is it So Heavy?

It took 15 years , but Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s network computer idea is finally becoming a reality in the form of Google’s Chrome OS netbook. None of the 60,000 Google Cr-48 netbooks appeared at my doorstep (and, yes, I signed up hoping to get one). However, Engadget’s Paul Miller had much better luck than me.

Google Cr-48 Chrome laptop preview (update: in-depth impressions!)

The Cr-48 with its 12.1-inch display is surprisingly big. I suppose at that size I shouldn’t call it a netbook. It is also surprisingly heavy at 3.6 pounds. I wonder why it is so heavy when it does not have hard or optical drives. You would think it should be in the two pound range like the MacBook Air. Google took a page from Apple’s playbook by providing a button-less touchpad. Personally, I prefer hardware buttons under a touchpad. The 1280×800 resolution display provides more pixels than most netbooks. However, this is 97.6% of the pixels on the 11.6-inch MacBook Air’s 1366×768 display.

At 3.6 pounds the Cr-48 is nowhere near as “carryable” as an iPad, MacBook Air, or Samsung Galaxy Tab. It would, however, probably make a good coffee tablet device while watching TV. And, I suspect, we’ll see more MacBook Air-like dimensions and weight when Google Chrome OS production netbooks appear in 2011.