Yes, Facebook Has 110 Million Users

If you hadn’t noticed already, Facebook has updated their site statistics to state that the site now has more than 110 million registered users. At one point the company suggested that they were registering over 250,000 members a day and so far it doesn’t look like that’s slowing. While it’s not worthwhile counting every million users Facebook adds, the site is so far the most successful social network in history.

The site also continues to grow at a remarkable rate. While there is no telling how large the site will get, Facebook has only attracted a fraction of the global internet population. According to the World Internet Usage site, the total internet population is 1.463 billion people. That means Facebook has around 7.5 percent of the global internet population.

Still plenty of room for growth! If Facebook is planning for world domination then it makes a lot of sense why they are already investing in lawsuits and marketing campaigns in Germany. The biggest challenge is growth and any country which is posing problems for Facebook they will begin investing heavily in to promote growth.

If the company can obtain a critical mass in each country, then the theory is that they will be able to grow to number one everywhere. Who’s theory exactly? Well it’s my theory but it definitely makes a lot of sense! As Mark Zuckerberg says consistently, the company is still focused on growth and not monetization. While we can debate why that is, it’s clear that they won’t stop until practically everybody has joined the site.