Yep!: Meet new people for shared activities on iOS


GetPure has released its latest offering on iOS, Yep!, an app that aims to help users find like-minded individuals with which they can complete everyday activities. The app allows users to browse available activities, like going for a run or grabbing a coffee, or create one of their own, with the goal of “changing the way people meet.”

Yep users may be looking for a jogging partner, someone to watch a movie with, or any number of other activities. They create their event in the system and Yep finds nearby people who may be interested in joining them. Once two members have pressed the “Yep” button on the same event, they enter chat mode for setting up a specific time and place to meet.

The app supports Facebook connect, profile pictures and profile information, so users can see information including names, occupations and attended universities of other members. A feedback system helps ensure users are meeting with others in a safe and enjoyable way.

Yep is available to download for free on iOS, and offers a free one-month subscription to the service. After that, users pay $0.99 a month for unlimited meeting requests.

Yep is similar to Blue Bay Inc’s “Let’s,” which also allows strangers to meet up for activities in the real world, or simply become friends virtually. That app is available on both iOS and Android.

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