Yelp Update Lets Users Take ‘Yelfies,’ Share Bookmark Collections

A Yelfie is a Yelp-specific photograph that combines a regular photo with a selfie, and also includes a business' name and Yelp star rating.

Yelp released an update for its iOS and Android application, which allows users to take new “Yelfies” when they check in to businesses in the app. A Yelfie is a Yelp-specific photograph that combines a regular photo with a selfie, and also includes a business’ name and Yelp star rating.

When checking in to a business, a user can create a Yelfie by first taking a picture of their surroundings, and then taking a selfie, which will be added to the picture in a circle that can be dragged around the screen. Users can also move and resize the business’ name and star rating to fit their picture before sharing the Yelfie with the Yelp community or on social media.

In addition to introducing Yelfies, Yelp added the ability for users to share their Bookmark Collections with other users. Bookmark Collections were introduced in October, and they allow users to organize the businesses they’ve bookmarked into collections. When a user shares a Bookmark Collection with others, other users can follow the collection and they will see it within their own collections.

These features are now rolling out to Yelp users on iOS and Android.