Yarnee: Gather Your Social Media Content in Collections on iPhone

Danke Games has announced the release of its newest iOS app, Yarnee, which allows users to create shareable collections of all of the tweets, videos, audio clips and pictures they’ve shared on other social media platforms, but in one place. Instead of this content being buried by the dozens or hundreds of other users someone may follow on Twitter or Instagram, Yarnee’s goal was to make content easy to view and share in one place without searching for it after the fact.

screen1136x1136Rather than try to replace Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social sharing network, Yarnee works as an “accessory” to them all. Once they have a Yarnee account, users can attach that to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to pull in all of the content they’d like into a single collection, or “yarn.”

For instance, did you recently go on vacation and post pictures to Facebook, some videos to Instagram and some tweets to Twitter? Instead of requiring others to find that information on three separate platforms, users can pull that content into a single yarn inside Yarnee. Collections can also be populated with content from the user’s camera roll, or with new images and videos taken within the app.

Text captions from Facebook are pulled in alongside images, and users can add their own text on any content within the collection for more detail. Audio recording is also available, for adding commentary on individual moments within the yarn. Finally, users have the option of reordering content to display certain content before others in the yarn.

When the yarn is complete, users can share it with others in the Yarnee community or post it to Facebook. Yarns can also be kept private or shared directly with others via text message or email. Users can freely browse others’ yarns, under either “Everyone” or “Featured” tabs.

“Our goal with Yarnee is to make it easy to build and share collections of your favorite content,” said Dan Kelly, CEO of Danke Games. “Yarnee allows users to keep related content together and share it, if they wish, as a collection. People shouldn’t have to hunt for their favorite pictures or videos. It’s the ideal app for anyone who takes pictures with their phone. Which, in today’s world, is everyone.”

Yarnee is available to download for free on iPhone.