Yahoo! Messenger Star Wars Comes With New Hidden Emoticons Set

Star Wars edition of popular Yahoo! web messenger comes with new surprises and new bunch of stuff for any real SW fan. First thing you will notice is that messenger have nice Star Wars theme and sounds, but for me the most interesting part is the new emoticons set.

You will find thirty new emoticons which include characters like Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca etc. How they look you can see in the picture below.

Yahoo! Messenger Star Wars

I have found that there is also few hidden emoticons in this SW messenger edition. You can send these hidden emoticons by typing (atst) or (apprentice).

Hidden Emoticons

And one more thing – there are new thing called super combo emoticons. By entering two Star Wars emoticons next to each other in a message, there is a “galactic” interaction between them. Try it!

I have found such combinations:






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