Yahoo! Messenger & Mail Apps Released for Android. What Took So Long? Uninstalled Right After Testing

Yahoo! released its first pair of Android apps.
Yahoo! Launches Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger Apps for Android
I don’t know anyone who still uses Yahoo! Messenger for instant messaging. So, I didn’t try to install it. I have a Yahoo! Mail account to test the Yahoo! Mail app, however. So, that was downloaded and installed from the Android Market. Here’s a couple of observations after installing Yahoo!’s mail app.
– After installing the app, I went to my Droid’s apps window to look for it. What would you guess the app is called? I guessed “Yahoo! Mail” or, perhaps, “Y! Mail”. But, no, Yahoo! has temerity to name their app “Mail” as if it is the single mail app on any Android device. This may be reason enough to boot the app of your Android phone.
– Over a WiFi connection with a reasonable wired broadband connection, Yahoo! Mail for Android seems to take much too long to check email. And, it checks for email in the foreground after doing something simple like backing off to see other Yahoo! Mail folders and then returning to the main inbox.
– The Edit function provides a reasonably simple way to mark email messages for “Move”, “Delete”, or “Spam” actions.
– The app only works in portrait mode. It doesn’t seem to respond moving the phone into a landscape viewing mode.
– The app places its own email notification in the Droid’s status bar at the top of the screen.
Yahoo! Mail isn’t an important part of my workflow these days. It hasn’t been important for years now. It doesn’t provide any compelling features. And, that “Mail” name choice was really irritating to me. In the end, it got uninstalled mere hours after installing it.