Yahoo Meme Is Closing Down in May

Yahoo Meme, a Twitter-like service that was a failed attempt to get Yahoo into social, is closing down on May 25th according to a “meme” on the site itself.  Specifically, the site allowed users to share pictures, videos and status updates with friends.  They also emphasized the sharing of music as MP3 files — this made the site something of a Twitter-MySpace fusion.

The site first debuted in May of 2009, and was launched first for just the Portuguese market.  It may have had a chance, but I suspect a lack of clarity kept it out of users’ hands; it seems like people were getting their media rich sharing fill from Tumblr.

The official post discusses how Meme blogs will be available up until May 25, 2012, and until then users can export their posts into a file to save them.  You can also delete your account.  It’s perhaps telling that the goodbye posts only had 18 reposts and 7 Facebook likes.

Did you use Yahoo Meme?

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