Yahoo Mail Has Facebook's Most Explosive Page

The recent upgrade implemented by Yahoo Mail caused a spike in its Facebook fan total, adding 222,684 fans for the week.

Yahoo mail users are fanning the search engine’s social networking home for tips and updates. Chances to nab free goodies and plan out your next vacation can also be found within this week’s ten featured pages. If you like what you read below, be sure to take a look at the detailed statistic tool we used to build this list.

Facebook’s Most Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Yahoo! Mail 405,766 29,404 222,684
2. Pantene North America 593,964 100,203 200,851
3. Iams 195,454 35 150,507
4. Fanta 522,381 1,956 113,680
5. Razer 589,590 17,008 106,883
6. BET Awards 754,786 3,413 91,077
7. Carnival Cruise Lines 964,338 22,255 86,982
8. eBay India 445,789 12,843 81,445
9. Beldent 424,179 284 76,874
10. Logan’s Roadhouse 101,986 1,354 72,233


With the recent upgrade, Yahoo Mail users are heading toward the social network for tips and information surrounding the changes. The email service posted a weekly increase of 222,684 fans, making it this week’s most explosive page.

Contests And Giveaways

In an effort to show customer appreciation, Pantene North America is offering a free coupon to its Facebook fans. The promotion places the brand in second, as it garnered 200,851 new likes.

Carnival Cruise Lines is currently running a contest, with winners to be announced next week, and it is not too late to enter; 86,982 new entries gave the vacation company a seventh-place finish. Restaurant chain Logan’s Roadhouse is giving away 100,000 buy-one-get-one-free coupons, and the page rounds out our list with a weekly growth total of 72,233.

Pet lovers unite and converse on Iam‘s home on the social network; the page came in third with an increase of 150,507. Not far behind with a seven-day growth total of 113,680, soda brand Fanta‘s witty updates are helping to accrue quite a few new faces. Razer is a gaming haven, and this week the page saw a significant increase of 106,883 as it placed fifth.

With the BET Awards this past weekend, the Facebook page for the event continued to buzz from excited viewers. In preparation for the show, the site included exclusive content, contests, and more. Its fan total continued to rise as the pages finished in the sixth spot, with 91,077 new likes.


The social networking hub for eBay India saw a huge increase this week, and is starting to close in on a half million fans; 81,445 people moved the page into eight place. Beldent‘s social media campaign aimed for laughs, and this week the page attracted 76,874 gum chewers for a ninth-place finish.

Readers, did you find yourself tapping the like button on any of the pages featured this week?