Yahoo to Lose Revenue Head Michael Barrett

Source confirms earlier reports

Ever since Marissa Mayer was announced as Yahoo’s new CEO in July, questions have turned to the status of chief revenue officer Michael Barrett, whom interim CEO Ross Levinsohn had hired less than a month prior. Those questions are on the verge of being answered.

All Things D reported last month and again on Monday that Barrett wasn’t looking to kick around for long. Then on Tuesday, multiple reports said that the only hold-up was negotiating an exit package. A source confirmed to Adweek late Tuesday that the reports are true. Yahoo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While Barrett’s departure has been forecast since Levinsohn lost out on the permanent chief executive gig, he said as recently as last month that he planned to remain with Yahoo. But last month, even Barrett may not have been able to foresee Mayer’s recruitment of Google sales exec Henrique de Castro to join Yahoo as its chief operating officer. The company announced that appointment on Monday, again fueling speculation about Barrett’s role since sales now fall under de Castro's purview.

Mayer, Barrett and de Castro may all be able to name Google as a previous employer, but the connection more or less ends there. Whereas Mayer was hired in 1999 as Google’s first female engineer and de Castro has been with the company since 2006, Barrett only joined this past January and only then as the result of Google’s acquisition last year of supply-side platform Admeld, which Barrett led as CEO. And despite the warm welcome Barrett’s hire elicited from media buyers, in the Mayer era he stood out as a c-suite executive she didn't hire. In August, Mayer replaced CMO Mollie Spillman and then CFO Tim Morse in September.