Yahoo Links With Twitter

Yahoo and Twitter have inked a deal to have Twitter’s real-time updates embedded throughout the Yahoo portal, with feeds appearing on several Yahoo properties.

The agreement follows Twitter’s deals with Microsoft and Google to integrate tweets into their search engines. The Yahoo deal covers search but goes further to include embedding status updates in Yahoo verticals, including sports, news, entertainment and finance. Users visiting those pages will be able to update Twitter with their comments, see what others on Twitter are saying about the stories and even monitor comments being made in their networks.

The integration could help Twitter gain more mainstream credibility. Recent comScore figures show that just 12 percent of Yahoo visitors also visit Twitter.

The Twitter deal is part of an effort by Yahoo to integrate with social media services. The Web giant also has a deal with Facebook that allows Yahoo users to view their Facebook streams from the portal and make status updates from there. Now, users will be able to update their interactions with both social networks from the Yahoo home page.

“We’re continuing our focus to make Yahoo a really compelling place for people to come [to] and check on the things they and their friends care about,” said Jim Stoneham, vp of community at Yahoo. “Social is a big part of that.”

Yahoo has already taken steps to integrate Twitter on the portal. Users of Yahoo can customize it via the Tweetooooo application to see updates. The portal has also added Twitter to some search results with a shortcut to Twitter results. The new deal enhances this link. Search results include full Twitter feeds at the bottom of pages thanks to full access to the tweet stream, rather than the public stream Yahoo was using.

The portal will also allow users to share content found on Yahoo easily through Twitter, a feature it hopes will drive traffic back to its sites, said Stoneham.

For its part, Twitter has struck a number of partnerships aimed at spreading its users short status updates, which now number 50 million per day, throughout the Web.

Yahoo declined to discuss the financial aspects of the agreement. The search integration is live, and other aspects will be implemented over the next several months.

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