Brian Morrissey

Anatomy of a Twitter Scandal

Journalist and NYU fellow Nir Rosen probably didn’t know he was putting his career in jeopardy when he hit send on Twitter yesterday. After all, it was just one of […]

Harley breaks cage in first crowdsourced ad

This should get picked over a bit more than your regular TV commercial. Harley-Davidson today breaks its first crowdsourced advertising since linking up with Victors & Spoils. The minute-long spot […]

Y&R’s ad awards now selling at flea markets

The ad industry's seemingly irrational obsession with creative awards has a rational basis: It can mean big bucks for the lucky winners. Now, it turns out some spare change can […]

Will Crispin survive Tibet-gate at Groupon?

Groupon has wended its way through several of the stages of Kübler-Ross grieving process, finally arriving at acceptance that its Tibet ad just isn't going to fly. The company said […]

Social Disconnect Between Agencies, Clients

Social media true believers herald it for playing a critical role in toppling Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. In the more humdrum world of marketing, clients aren’t ready to throw their […]

Groupon Scrambles to Answer Tibet Ad Criticism

There’s an irony in the fact that Groupon, a company that grew out of a platform for social causes, is accused now of crass insensitivity to social causes. The hot […]

Brown’s Web Woes

The Daily Beast’s execs are stars of the magazine world, but do they know what they’re doing online? The site, which merged with Newsweek last November, continues to ignite buzz […]

AOL’s ‘Netmare’

At AOL’s recent sales conference in New York the slogan was “GO, greatness only.” Unfortunately, greatness is in short supply at AOL. Not least among the headaches is what to […]

Egyptians actually want Kenneth Cole shoes

Finally. The philosopher/shoe salesman Kenneth Cole has weighed in on the Egypt uprising. The Great Man finds an angle nobody else thought of when he cheekily interprets the Cairo "uproar" […]

Darth Vader Set to Lord Over Super Bowl Ads