Y&R’s ad awards now selling at flea markets

The ad industry's seemingly irrational obsession with creative awards has a rational basis: It can mean big bucks for the lucky winners. Now, it turns out some spare change can get you an award, at least if you head to Toronto's St. Lawrence flea market. Sean Ganann, creative director at Zulu Alpha Kilo, noticed this weekend that someone from Y&R Toronto decided to offload a passel of awards from the New York Festivals, Mobius and Clios. It's pretty funny to see these sought-after awards for sale next to model cars and used books. Then again, it's not as if Y&R was clearing out One Show pencils or Cannes Lions. Maybe those go for the big bucks on eBay. Second photo after the jump. UPDATE: Wait until the Brazilians get wind of this. No need to go to the trouble of making a scam ad. Just scrape together $5.

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