Harley breaks cage in first crowdsourced ad

This should get picked over a bit more than your regular TV commercial. Harley-Davidson today breaks its first crowdsourced advertising since linking up with Victors & Spoils. The minute-long spot below, titled “No Cages,” illustrates the customization options for Harley motorcycles by showing people who don’t own Harleys moving around in cages in their everyday life. Whit Hiler, a Lexington, Ky., guy who owns an online T-shirt shop, hatched the idea. I have to say, I didn’t know Harley had a NikeID-type bike builder. One quibble is that the commercial jarringly splices in the product info at the end. The real question is what this spot cost Harley. It’s safe to assume it was a fraction of what it would have had to pay its former ad agency, Carmichael Lynch. Harley CMO Mark-Hans Richer is saying the spot “validates” its foray into crowdsourcing. What do you think?