Yahoo! Launches Axis: A More Visual, Social, and Portable Browser

Yahoo!’s got a brand new search tool that will follow you from your desktop all the way home.  Launched Wednesday night, Yahoo! Axis is socially connected, spatially redesigned, and has some unusual features that definitely make it worth a test drive. See a demo and screenshots here.

If you’ve got an iOS tablet or smartphone, you can download Axis as a stand-alone browser.  (Sorry, Android users!) There’s also desktop plugin that works with HTML5-enabled browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Yahoo’s browser plugin completely transforms the look of your browser. Here’s how:

  • The background is black.
  • Instead of links, there are are tiny screenshots of Web pages that pop up while you type.
  • Instead of scrolling the results top to bottom, you scroll side to side.
  • The search bar stays at the bottom while you’re browsing.
  • The bookmarking tool allows you to mark pages as “favorite” or “read later” and stores them on the home page.

Use your Yahoo! mail, Gmail, or Facebook credentials to log in.  (Warning: it will ask you for your birthday.) Once inside, you’ll find personalized home page where you can bookmark sites and share your search results with friends through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and email.

If there is one thing this browser plugin does that makes personalizing your page worthwhile, it’s that the sites you bookmark on your computer browser will also show up on your iPhone and iPad, and vice versa, making the browsing experience portable and seamless.