Yahoo! Goes Sans-Serif, Earns Media Coverage with Classic Marketing Tricks

Well, then: Yahoo! (don’t forget the exclamation mark) sure got the media excited to report on…nothing this morning. OK, maybe not nothing, but certainly nothing newsworthy.

In the latest stage of its Marissa Mayer-era rebranding adventure, your grandma’s favorite browser homepage unveiled its new (still purple) colors and went about trying to convince everyone to get excited. We have to admire their tenacity, because while no one seems particularly impressed with the site’s new duds, we’re all still talking about the rollout.

Slow clap.

See, Yahoo! pulled a bit of a trick on us media folk by trotting out a different logo during each day of the monthlong campaign in order to build suspense before the big, earth-shattering, once-in-a-lifetime reveal at midnight last night. Apparently it was all part of a project concocted by Mayer and the company’s internal design team to create a logo that fit perfectly with Yahoo!’s new identity…

Just kidding—it was all about gaining maximum media attention by dragging the reveal out as long as humanly possible. There’s even a video:

It’s not like they really care what the public thinks: in a related survey, only one of the many logos polled higher than the old one. Oh, and the “winner” wasn’t even included in the campaign. Nice fake-out.

Two things we know: Yahoo! just punked us—and Marie from Breaking Bad approves.