Yahoo Flickr App for Windows Phone Launched (Again???)

Nearly a month ago, Frank McPherson announced that Yahoo’s official Windows Phone app was available.

Official Flickr App For Windows Phone 7 Is Now Available

So, why is there a conflicting message in Microsoft’s Windows Phone blog that first says

Meet the new and improved Flickr

and then says this in the first sentence? Yahoo! today is officially introducing its Flickr photo app for Windows Phone 7. It seems that the 1.0 release Frank reported was a soft launch with the intent of tweaking and adjusting the app for a more publicized release which turned out to be version 1.1 released this week.

I had some problems with the app’s login to my Flickr account. However, after several tries, it finally allowed me into my account. It does a reasonably good job of presenting my own photos as well as photos of people who are “Flickr friends.” There’s one photo in my favorites list which is interesting since I never favorited the photo and was not even familiar with the photo’s source.

The app is available for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.