Yacha offers multi-framed multimedia messaging on iOS

yacha 650

Multimedia messaging app Yacha looks to redefine the way users communicate with its “multi-framed” messaging system. The Yacha platform encourages users to combine a variety of content, from photos and audio snippets to video, drawings and text, into a single message, capable of being sent to friends or broadcast to the Yacha community at large.

“We live in a world where the way we communicate is fragmented through messaging apps with limited content capabilities,” says Yacha co-founder Asa De Alwis. “Yacha is reinventing the lucrative mobile messaging market by providing users with the most creative, content rich and expressive messaging experience available on their mobile device.”

After signing up for a Yacha account, users can send messages to folks on their Facebook friends list, or in their device’s address book. Users can combine up to five “frames” of content into a single message, regardless of type. As an example, when on vacation, someone could send a message to their friends back home, with a short video of an attraction, pictures of the food they’ve eaten that day, and even a text message sharing their excitement for the day.

These messages can be shared privately to specific individuals, or publicly. If public, these “broadcasted” images can be found under the “nearby” or “random” explore tabs, and re-broadcasted by others (think a retweet on Twitter). Individual frames (up to two at a time) can also be shared outside the app, to Twitter, Instagram, a text message or email.

Yacha is available to download for free on iOS, and is coming soon to Android.

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