Xoopit Brings Facebook Into Gmail

Xoopit is one of those services I like and actually use on a regular basis, so I’m happy to see that it’s adding some new functionality to its service. Xoopit for Gmail now supports Facebook status messages and profile-viewing options directly from within Gmail, meaning you don’t have to leave your Gmail inbox to see the status updates of your friends.

There area a few other integrated Facebook options too, including the ability to see Facebook friends’ profile information such as birthdays and mobile phone numbers. This is often important information to know while using Gmail (or any email client for that matter). And it’s a very seamless way in which to bring Facebook information into your Gmail experience, making your inbox more social and relevant to your existing social graph all the while.

Though the main Xoopit update doesn’t take advantage of the opening of Facebook status API, the new API option from Facebook will support further integration, making the Xoopit service quite inclusive and turning your inbox into a socially-powered resource of media. My favorite aspect of Xoopit’s service is its searchability as it specifically pertains to media that’s been sent to me (or media that I’ve sent), incorporating useful filters that are otherwise unavailable to regular inbox search.For each media search result there are options to share it across the social web, making the search and sharing process incredibly easy and potentially far reaching.

While many of Xoopit’s updates have been for expansion of its overall service, I’m also happy to see that Xoopit is incorporating more social features that import basic profile data. This extends Xoopit’s capabilities beyond mere search and sharing options, making it more competitive with the likes of Plaxo. The new features also hint at Xoopit’s future implementations, which could very well include a robust and all-encompasing social conversion of one’s email inbox.

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